Foundation Guidelines


To provide financial support to assist motivated and talented local junior athletes pursue their sporting dreams.


The Foundation will seek recommendations through word of mouth and will also target local sporting associations, with a focus on individual sports. Local club presidents will be approached personally, for clubs to identify talented local junior athletes aged between 12 – 17 years of age, who the club believes meet the following criteria:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Aged 12 – 17
  • Member of a local sporting association or club
  • Have aspirations of competing at a State or National level
  • Have demonstrated the ability, commitment and motivation to excel in their chosen sport/s
  • Are prepared to personally write a hand written introductory letter to the Foundation briefly outlining who they are, their family background, their achievements so far and what their personal goals are
  • If sponsored by the Foundation, provide updates on their results.

To apply for support from the Foundation, young athletes are encouraged to personally write an introductory letter to the committee and provide contact details of the club/s they are associated with.

The committee will assess every candidate on a case-by-case basis and determine by majority, which candidates they think will benefit the most from the Foundation.

Pending funding, the committee hopes to identify at least one young athlete per year, for ongoing sponsorship and will provide one-off assistance to as many as the foundation can afford.

In 2014 the inaugural year of the Foundation, the committee decided to provide support for one only athlete – Montanna McAvoy, whom was the athlete sponsored by Mick and the inspiration behind the creation of this Foundation. Montanna will be the first athlete to be provided with ongoing sponsorship by the Foundation.


The Foundation was established with a private donation and will be maintained by regular fund raising events including selected MTB events, the Grin n Bear It Challenge (an annual multisport race at Tinaroo) and donations.

Depending on the sponsored athlete’s needs, support may be provided in a number of ways, including sporting equipment, vouchers or monetary gifts.

At the discretion of the Foundation Committee, sponsorship may be provided as a one-off gift or if deemed worthy, ongoing sponsorship.

Committee Members:

President – Ivan Whittle
Secretary – Debbie Foreman
Treasurer – Chris Keir
Members – Lesley Sutton, Darren Martin, Damian Menzies


The committee meets quarterly and more often, as required to organise events.