Branden East

Branden East

Born: May 2004
From: Cairns
Chosen sport: Boxing
Long term sporting goal: Make it to the Olympics and win a gold medal and become a professional boxer and win multiple world titles.
Current focus: Win 2020 state titles, 2020 national titles and make the under 17 Australian team in 2020.

Top 5 sporting achievements:

1. 2018 U/15 Australian Golden Glove Champion 56kg
2. U/13 2017 Sunstate QLD Titles (Gold medal)44kg. And Sunstate Golden Gloves (Gold medal) 44kg
3. U/13 2016 Coral Sea Games (Silver medal) 40kg. And NT State Titles (Gold medal) 40kg
4. U/13 2015 QLD Novice Titles (Silver medal) 36kg.
5. 2014 NT state titles (Gold) 34kg. And NQ Golden gloves (Silver medal) 32kg

Career stats as of 2019:

23 bouts 16 wins 7 losses