Johnny Addo

Tasman ‘Johnny’ Addo

Nickname: Johnny

Year Born: 2001

Lives: Brisbane, formerly of Cairns

Chosen sport/s: Boxing

Long term sporting goal: To represent Australia in 2020 Olympics

Major Sporting Achievements:

  1. 2017
    Silver – Australian Titles
    1 x QLD title
  2. 2016
    2 x QLD Titles
  3. 2015
    1 x QLD title
    1 x Novice Title
  4. 2014
    1 x QLD Title
    Fighter of the Night – Hilton Cup
    1 x Sth East QLD Title

Other Info:

  • Johnny moved from Cairns to Brisbane late last year, to pursue his boxing career. In January 2018, he was invited to attend a training camp at the Australian Institute of Sport and has since been selected to become a member of the 2018 QLD Boxing Development Squad.
  • Johnny has been battling an ongoing wrist injury and as a result hasn’t been able to compete in many fights this year. His next fight will be in Edmonton PCYC on the 6th October 2018.
  • Johnny was the Foundation’s second sponsored athlete and when he turns 18 in December, he too will no longer be eligible for financial support. The Bear Foreman Foundation is proud to be associated with this humble and talented young man and he too will remain a life-long friend of the BFF.